About Us

We are a locally owned Canadian business.

We carry a wide variety of dry fish food diets as well as frozen foods from high quality brands such as Hikari, Sera, Omega One, Tetra, etc. In addition, we carry high quality filters and aquarium supplies of brands such as Ehiem and Marineland. We are will carry a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians in the near future. Our store will have all the latest products to provide our customers with all the necessary equipment and foods to keep reptiles and amphibians successfully. 
We pride ourselves on carrying a wide variety of mostly locally bred tropical fish in our store.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality livestock while supporting our local Canadian economy.  In  addition,  at Aquamarket we are looking to develop and promote Canadian bred tropical fish to support and promote the efforts of Canadian tropical fish breeders. We also have some imported tropical fish and we are able to obtain some of the rarest species in the hobby. Please inquire with us about the type of fish that you are interested and we will do our best to find that species for you.